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Carp Fishing Coaching

Learn how to fish for carp by receiving professional coaching to save time by learning from the professionals.

Take taking coaching lessons with Russell Evans, you will learn about the following subjects to improve your carp fishing.

  • Carp fishing rigs
  • Carp fishing equipment
  • How to set up your carp fishing equipment
  • How to tie fishing knots
  • How to read the water
  • Where to fish
  • How the wind effects the way fish feed
  • Casting techniques
  • and much more.

Russell is at your disposal for the full session to give you helpful pointers and tips whilst you are fishing.

You choose the venue to suit you and Russell will join you for 12 hours to help you get the most out of your fishing.

You will learn the tips and secrets that have helped him catch for over 30 years.

Be sure to check out this how to fish website to get extra tips and lessons on the bank.

Beginners Carp Fishing is a great website to get you started if you are not yet ready for coaching yet.



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