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Best Exercises For Your Core

There are many ways to improve during sports and fitness, building up your muscles and stamina is pretty much the best way.

Training each day to improve you health has long term benefits too, so be sure to get into a habit of exercising daily.

The best form of exercise I have found is rowing.

When I am at the gym, I am the first to get on the rowing machine as it gives me a full body workout.

concept2 model d

Buying a Rowing Machine

I have recently decided to purchase my own rowing machine so I train my full core without having to go to the gym. According to this website I found, the best rowing machine is the one pictured above, it is the concept2 Model D.

The concept2 rowing machine is used in most of the gym’s I go to and they are very well made.

BUT! There is a WaterRower machine available on Amazon which is supposedly more realistic.

The concept2 has some really cool features for online competing against other concept2 rowers which is a really good feature and you know me, I love to compete against other people.

Ill keep you updated as to what I decided to buy! For now, I will keep scouring the Rowing Machine Reviews.

Wish me luck!